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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VF-360?
VF-360 is a revolutionary super-food, multi-vitamin and powerful anti-aging agent that will revitalize and defend your body.
Why do I need VF-360?
In today's industrialized world and fast paced life, our body is exposed more than ever before to pollution through the air we breathe, to preservatives and lack of nutrients in the food we eat, and to germs, chemicals and radiation that surround us. All of these make our body less tolerant to illnesses and diseases, naturally - a defense system is needed.
How does VF-360 work?
VF-360 is enriched with over 90 high-end vital ingredients, VF-360 contains: vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids, herbs, spices, algae, power-mushrooms, fruit extracts and more! Countless studies around the globe have proven that many of VF-360's ingredients are highly beneficial for the health of the human body.

Click here for in-depth information about VF-360's ingredients including overviews, related researches and studies.
Where is VF-360 made?
VF-360 is proudly made in the USA.
What is the difference between VF-360 and regular multi-vitamins?
Regular multi-vitamins are very limited as they usually come in a one-tablet form. Having a single tablet limits the amount and types of ingredients that can be placed within it, space-wise and formula-wise. Therefore, regular multi-vitamins contain mainly vitamins and only a few supplements, if any at all.

On the contrary, VF-360 Defense System, a revolutionary super-food, multi-vitamin and powerful anti-aging agent is packed with both as it comes in three balanced tablets (morning, noon and night) enabling it to ensure optimal absorption in your body and to contain much, much more than just a once-daily basic vitamin.

Click here for a short comic which explains the advantages of VF-360 over a regular multi-vitamin.
How can VF-360 save me money?
Most major players in the market would rather sell you each supplement individually so they can increase their revenues. VF-360 saves you money because it grants you the freedom to skip buying those numerous, individual supplements, all while breaking the bank and neglecting to take them in the end. With VF-360 you simply buy one product and use it - that's it!
Why does VF-360 come in 3 different bottles?
VF-360 contains 93 different ingredients. It comes in balanced morning, noon and night tablets which enables optimal distribution and absorption in the body, resulting in an ongoing defense throughout the day. The morning ingredients have more stimulating effects; which help you jump start your day, the noon ingredients are balanced to keep your body nourished and the night ingredients have a more relaxing effect.

Anecdote: Since each VF-360's bottle contains so many ingredients, we actually had to use slightly larger bottles. This was done so we would have enough space on the supplement facts panel to list all VF-360's ingredients in compliance with the FDA's requirements.
How comes you state VF-360 contains 93 ingredients, but on this site there are 76 ingredient images?
VF-360 morning's formula contains 19 different amino acids from soy protein, which is represented by one image of soy beans. Please also note that the L-Cysteine amino acid is also included in VF-360’s night formula and that's how the total count of ingredients is 93.
At what times should I take VF-360?
You should take the morning tablet with breakfast, the noon tablet with lunch and the night tablet with dinner. Please note that it is possible to take the morning and noon tablets together, although it's recommended to take them separately.
Can I see what the product looks like?
Sure, please click here to view high quality pictures of VF-360.
Is it safe ordering from you?
Yes, we utilize Amazon's trusted billing and fulfillment services in order to provide you the best and safest shopping experience.
What payment methods do you accept?
Since we utilize Amazon's trusted billing services, we accept all its accepted forms of payment; this includes all major credit cards.
How much is shipping and how long will it take for my order to arrive?
We utilize Amazon's fulfillment services; during the checkout process you will be presented with Amazon's shipping options and rates.
Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, for information on how to become a supplier click here to contact us.
Can I link to you from my site?
Yes, of course. For instructions how please click here - thank you!
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we do. Please click here for our affiliate program page.
How much does VF-360 cost?
Please click here to view VF-360 pricing info and specials.