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About Vivia Formula


Vivia Formula, a Nevada based company, was established with one mission - to bring you the best dietary supplements, manufactured from the finest ingredients, at the most affordable rates. All of our products are proudly made in the USA from high-end ingredients in an FDA approved cGMP facility. We never compromise on quality - no matter the cost.

Our flagship product is the VF-360 Defense System. The name VF-360 is derived from the initials of Vivia Formula and the number 360, representing 360 degrees of ongoing defense throughout the day.

VF-360 - The power of one and the one that is three.

VF-360 was Formulated for You® and is based on years of scientific research and experience. Designed to ensure optimal absorption in your body, VF-360 comes in a balanced morning, noon and night package - Click here for in-depth information about VF-360's ingredients including overviews, related researches and studies.

VF-360 brings a real solution to a very common problem most people (and perhaps you as well) have encountered...

Like most of us, you probably remember hearing from time to time about a recent research suggesting that taking supplement X is very good for the health of Y. This leads to feeling a rush to buy that new supplement and try it out, eventually ending up with countless bottles laying around the house, not knowing which vitamin to take and when, not to mention all the money that went down the drain...

Sound familiar?

You see, most major players in the market would rather sell you each supplement individually so they can increase their revenues. These same players also happen to sell "Multi-Vitamins", which are generally very limited, as they usually come in a one-tablet form. Having a single tablet limits the amount and types of ingredients that can be placed within it, space-wise and formula-wise. While regular multi-vitamins contain mostly vitamins and very few supplements - if any at all - VF 360, a revolutionary super-food, multi-vitamin and powerful anti-aging agent is packed with both.

Click here for a short comic which explains the advantages of VF-360 over a regular multi-vitamin.

VF-360 grants you the freedom to skip buying those numerous, individual supplements, all while breaking the bank and neglecting to take them in the end. With VF-360 you simply buy one product and use it - that's it!


We at Vivia Formula strongly believe in honesty, transparency and in doing good for others. We believe that in order to succeed and prosper both in life and in business, you should always be the best version of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a family-established and family-owned business, and perfectionists by nature, we are greatly (physically, mentally and emotionally) involved in all of Vivia Formula's doings; we are actively part of the planning, designing and marketing our products. As a matter of fact, these very lines were written by us! :)


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FDA approved cGMP facility.